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Green walls

Sometimes called living walls, green façades, bio walls or vertical gardens, green walls are a dynamic way to green a vertical built surface. Green walls refer to vegetation that grows directly onto a building’s facade or to vegetation that is grown on a separate structural system that can be free standing and adjacent or attached to the wall.

There are literally hundreds of structural designs that support the plants but they all have three things in common: plants, moisture in one form or another and nutrient- dispensing systems.

Some use no soil, e.g hydroponics; some use a little, e.g open hydroponics; whilst others are totally soil-based and use fertigation.

We know that plants need 70 per cent water and 30 per cent nutrients, so nutrients play a part in the maintenance and growth of the plants within the structure. As the majority of green walls form part of internal structures, water management and containment are a very important aspect, low volume, low pressure and low flow rates are highly desired design inputs. ( Apart from water proofing).

EZ-FLO nutrient dispensing units have found good traction in this industry as they can operate on flow rates from 2 litres per minute and pressure as low pressure as 30 kPa and can be matched to any system design requiring water from 2 litres per minute to 600 litres per minute whilst operating at minimal pressures. All parts are rated at 500 kPa plus, just to put the client or specifier at a little more ease.

The reasons are the benefits: self contained, low profile, low cost, no power, ease of installation, ability to use low flows, low pressures and ability to use virtually any input, wetting agents, fertilisers, nutrients, tonics you name it. No premixing of solutions, concentrate in and product at desired rate out.

Suitable for soil or soil less construction.

A 001CX model applied for a large project

ezflo and dubai

Vertical garden specialists in Australia are recognizing the benefits of EZ-FLO over products that require 240V power, require too much pressure, need a pre-mixed solution or do not offer the five year warranty of our commercial systems.

Notably Vertiscapes in greater Melbourne and Deep Green Landscaping in greater Perth have become large consumers of our products.

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