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Small Crops & Growers

Small Crops & Growers


HiFLO vertical systems

Crop management with specific nutrients for targeted growth stages is essential as the results equate to crop growth timing and cash flow. EZ-FLO has made the management of precision injection rates a feature whether based on dialling injection rates of liters per hour or maintaining EC settings with “simplicity” of operation.

The HiFLO systems are specifically designed for small crops, growers, golf, parks and sports fields. The systems can inject fertilisers, acids, wetting agents, soil amendments, iron bacteria controls etc. Just about anything including pre-emergent’s and pesticides.

EZ-FLO Engineered Dispensing Systems attach directly to your main line or anywhere you want to inject, mains or laterals.Ideal for situations where part of a crop requires amendments,  move it to that lateral and adjust the nutrient requirements just for that section alone. Precision agriculture!

The operating principal is the same as all other EZ-FLO dispensing systems but with added capacity and precise control over the injection rates. As the name suggests, the EZ-FLO HiFlo system is capable of very fast injection but may also be configured for micro dosing applications.

All systems require a CBV, ball valve coupling adapter to suit the size of the irrigation mains where you want to inject. Engineered larger adapters are available to suit mains from 100 to 300mm. AND 5-year warranty and no rot!

Consider that if you do not need a HiFLO system our range of standard mainline or high capacity may well suit you.

An advantage of the EZFLO product is that is does not require any power and can therefore be placed anywhere on the system. If several inputs are required additional units can be placed at the point of injection.

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