Shopping for Fertigation Solutions

Fertigate your plants, crop or park whilst watering with EZ-FLO! Systems available to suit any application

EZ-FLO fertilising systems offer the fastest and easiest way to have healthy plants, turf and crops.

EZ-FLO comes in many sizes to a suit broad range of applications from the home garden through to parks, golf courses, tree farms etc .  No matter how small or large your property is, you can take advantage of EZ-FLO products to save you future money, help you conserve valuable resources, and fertilise more efficiently and quickly.

Just Fill with concentrated fertiliser/nutrient in either liquid or water soluble form and dispense (fertigate) precisely through a hose or irrigation system every time you water.  The EZ-FLO range is cost ‑ effective, environmentally friendly,  durable,  safe and EZy to use.


Showing 1–6 of 35 results

Showing 1–6 of 35 results