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What is fertigation?

Healthy plants are not achieved with water alone, they also need nutrients.

As the name implies, fertigation is the process by which fertiliser is applied with irrigation water. Fertiliser + irrigation = fertigation.

Historically, the technique of fertigation was used in commercial agriculture and horticulture. By applying fertiliser through irrigation water, you have superior control over the timing, quantity and concentration of fertiliser applied.

Environmental benefits

Traditional methods of fertilising such as hand or machine broadcasting of granular fertiliser and mechanical or hand spraying of liquid fertiliser have multiple disadvantages, including: uneven distribution, inefficient use of fertiliser resulting in wastage and run off, time-consuming application processes and a high price tag.

Fertigation optimises yield and minimises environmental pollution by reducing fertiliser consumption and maximising fertiliser efficiency.

Fertilise each time you water

Fertigation can be easily achieved with EZ-FLO microdosing technology, which applies a small dose of fertiliser every time you irrigate.

With nine US patents and two international patents, EZ-FLO microdosing technology proportions fertiliser into the irrigation water stream at very low parts per million (PPM) ratios. This technology has the ability to solubilise highly concentrated, water-soluble or liquid fertilisers and accurately proportion them into the irrigation water stream at variable rates.

EZ-FLO makes fertigation, the most effective and least expensive method of delivering nutrients to plants, accessible for both commercial and residential applications.

People cannot survive without plants. They supply the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink.

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