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Why have an irrigation system?

I recall an EZFLO information session on the Benefits of Fertigation with some irrigation shop managers and will never forget one statement:
“I sell sprinklers; I do not need to know anything about plants.”
Selling fertiliser in an irrigation shop makes more sense than selling it anywhere else.
A plant’s growing needs are nominally met with 70% water and 30% nutrients plus other things like sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Water, Soil, Scheduling and Nutrients = GROWTH

Fertiliser is the ultimate icing on the cake for an irrigation system’s performance and the successful growth of plants.
Why have an irrigation system that only partially meets your plant’s requirements?
A fertigation system can be easily integrated into an irrigation system at the concept and design phase.
With EZFLO it can also be easily retrofitted to an existing irrigation system.
There are EZFLO systems available for a broad range of applications.

Now we fertigate – no we did not forget!

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