EZ-FLO Australia

About Us

EZ-FLO Australia formed in 2009, by commercial irrigation and landscaping business owners, Pieter Oosterhoff and Andrea Plant. With water shortages and droughts occurring both in Australia and other parts of the world, together with the increasing cost of fertiliser products, Pieter and Andrea recognised the need to find a more sustainable method for fertiliser application.

After intensive research and analysis, Pieter and Andrea uncovered US manufactured EZ-FLO Injection Systems as a proven, cost-effective and reliable way to apply fertiliser– from small gardens to professional sports fields; hobby farms to commercial farms – that save time and help reduce water and fertiliser consumption.

EZ-FLO Fertilising Australia is proud to be the sole Australasian importer and supplier of EZ-FLO Injection Systems. We now devote our time solely to EZ-FLO.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional customer service and are happy to answer your questions, concerns, and needs. Please contact us for assistance.