Fertilise automatically

Let's your home lawn, council park, vertical garden or crop

Bringing Nutrients to water, with EZ-FLO

Using any type of irrigation systems, drip, pop ups, rotors, pivots and even your hose

No more...

fertilising, choose from 16 systems to suit any irrigation

No power leads, no pre mixing, no fiddle and accurate, fertiliser injection made simple!

which fiddle do you prefer?

Free shipping and upto 5 year

EZ-FLO systems are also widely used to eliminate iron staining,  controlling water pH,  applying wetting agents and soil amendments including biology, stock feed just to name a few

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The EZ-FLO systems have reduced our annual fertilising budget by 50% and have also reduced labour hours significantly. The two fertigation systems are very reliable and easy to use. Product support is excellent. Highly recommended to any school.
Darryl Alietti
Bunbury & Mercy Catholic College

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