Does "no hassle" automatic fertilising, each time you irrigate appeal?

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Our premium Hose and Drip system sitting at the tap with the model walking the hose, no more lugging watering cans or end of hose systems

Hose and Drip systems, dispensing fertiliser in thousands of Australian gardens, healthier and stronger turf and plants!!

Leave the fertiliser at the tap, walk the hose or attach to your drip system, easy.

The 1010HB model, as shown is equivalent to 200 watering cans.

Imagine not having to lug a 10 kilogram can and refill 200 times!. Simply use concentrated liquid or water solubles directly! No premix, no power, no fuss. No hassle fertigation

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001CX, our small mainline system in an ideal position for refilling one a month or so

Mainline system, our baby one shown in an unorthodox position, but very handy for refilling

Our popular mainline system

The 001CX model, 5.7 litre system,suited for the average garden and small acreage.

Can be mounted as shown or placed in a valve box below the ground, out of sight for added security.

Microdose your garden for sustainable results directly through your irrigation system

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38 litre unit at school

High Capacity system, our most economical and popular high capacity model.

Installed @ Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, Rockingham, Western Australia.

Our 010HC model , a 38 litre unit installed at the School.

Management cancelled contractors broadcasting fertilisers then reduced watering by 10 minutes per station.

Watering time REDUCED by 7 hours weekly.

Return on investment less than 3 months, eliminated exposure to residual fertilisers and potential run off into the environment

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Another High Capacity system, popular in Council parks as well.

Installed @ Nedlands City Council in Daran Park, Western Australia

A 38 litre model 010HC, one of 30 systems already installed, fitted inside a jumbo valve box, silent, secure and hidden.

Council staff confirmed a 15-20% reduction in water consumption by using wetting agents alone.

Healthier, stronger and greener grass making for happier ratepayers.

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high capacity vertical in Richmond Golf Club

One of our High Capacity Vertical systems in action.

Located @ Richmond Golf Course, NSW.

This 76 litre capacity model, one of 2 units on site, injecting "Globe Growing Solutions Hydrolink," wetting agent during a hot spell December to February 2017. Very positive feedback from the paying (playing) public; the Golfers.

Injection input at extreme low rates i.e less than 25,000:1 to optimise the efficacy of the Hydrolink product.

reduced input, reduced costs and better performing greens and fairways

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Avocado farm with 2 systems, one for the main inputs like NPK and the small one for biology such as microbial

Using a 76 litre High Capacity Vertical system and a Mainline system together

Located at an "Organic" tree crop farm near Port Macquarie, NSW.

Both the High Capacity HCV 076 and mainline 003CX ( 9.4 litre) hooked up to a common injection point.

Replacing spray tanks and back packs for increased efficiency, labour savings and improved work place health and safety conditions.

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Fertigation, to fertilise through irrigation water or simply to fertigate

It's Easy

  • Installed in minutes for the hose and drip model, an hour or so for the mainline systems
  • Only refill every 3-4 weeks or select for faster injection
  • Works with both drip and sprinkler systems
  • Connects directly to your tap, OR irrigation mains for our mainline range

Your Choice of inputs

  • Ability to use most liquid or water soluble products
  • Bore stain removers and dripper cleaners
  • Wetting agents and biological turf dethatchers
  • And of course Fertilisers etc.etc.

Saves Time

  • Feeds the entire garden or crop without your input
  • Lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetable gardens etc.
  • Feeds continuously, automatically for optimal results
  • A leisure time extender or labour saver

Saves Money

  • Reduces fertiliser consumption
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces and may eliminate insect and weed control requirements
  • Replaces hose end sprayers, tank sprayers and fertiliser spreaders

AND Sustainable

  • Virtually eliminates run-off
  • Reduces exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Ability to use organic and natural products
  • Can reduce plant stress in extreme weather

With over 1/4 million units sold, go with the EZ (Easy) FLO

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