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Nourishing Water for a Greener Life

Distribute fertiliser to your plants and lawn with an EZ-FLO Injection System.

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We know you want it fast! That’s why we use Australia Post Express on All Residential Garden Tap Tanks 

Customer Support

Our products are simple to setup, but if you ever need support – we’re here for you.

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When you buy from EZ-FLO Australia, you’re buying direct and get all the support from our team.


Residential Injection Systems

The perfect sizes for most Australian lawns & gardens. Start fertilizing directly through your garden hose, sprinklers, soaker hoses and more. These Injection Systems quick connect to any standard garden tap. Initial setup in just minutes.


EZ-FLO Australia

About Us

EZ-FLO Fertilising Australia is proud to be the sole Australasian importer and supplier of EZ-FLO Injection Systems. We devote our time solely to EZ-FLO.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional customer service and are happy to answer your questions, concerns, and needs.

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Connect to your irrigation system

Mainline Injection Systems

Perfect for residential or smaller commercial properties. We have a range of small to large Mainline Injection Systems that will suit your larger property or small business perfectly.


What People Say About EZ-FLO

See what customers are saying about EZ-FLO and the benefits they’ve seen. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Adrian Jose

Installation was extremely easy and fast with a great video link to help install.

Mark Charman

i love the fact that ive had this devise for !0 years and its still workig like the day i purchased it


I love everything about it Iv had mine for over 10 years and still working like the day i purchased it

Jude T

So easy to fee the garden


the product is excellent. Having been used for several times so far, it is absolutely great and set up with hassle free.

Michael Macnellie

The ease of appling fertiliser and supplements

Paul Dengate

Good quality product, well designed, simple process to repair if it breaks, good website.


ease of use and being able to fertilize every time I water


Easy to install

Gaetano vella

I love that you just turn the tap and it get mixed bu it slef

Gary Dalgliesh

I love the time that is saved by having the fertilising and watering done at the same time. The plants also look a lot healthier using fertigation.

bryan wilson

so easy and efficent

Martin Dickinson

The ease of applying fertiliser and wetting agents

Grant Harrison

Very easy to set up! Excellent idea and works very well with no issues

Steve Walsh

Ease of use


Yep,------it's good

Tracey Stratton

My lawn and Garden have never looked better using the 3.2 ltr EZFlo system and Plant Doctor fertilisers

David Blyth

The benefits of micro-dosing spreads the nutrients out over a longer period. Plus i am so happy with how easy it is to use to feed my garden.

Tony Berry

No more bags of fertiliser and waiting for rain

Peter McNamara

I love this product, it is a game changer with lawn maintenance. You can see and smell the fertiliser being used. Can be used on a sprinkler or used with a nozzle to spot spray. 10/10


It has proven to be very effective over there three weeks that I have had it installed.

Edwin Eames

The simplicity of the system and robustness of the fittings.

Craig Atkins

The EZ-FLO system is well made and simple.

Tom hallam

Easy setup

Dalo Swanker

Works great 👍


Very well built. Easy to use and works perfectly. Great support.

Andrew Barton

Simplicity of installation



Emilina Rebello

My grass has never looked greener!

Casey Jones

AMAZING! My grass has never been greener. I almost need tinted glasses to look at it, it's THAT GREEN!!!!!!

George Harris

EZFLO is so quick and easy to use. Much lighter than the pre-mixed attach-to-the-hose products available at hardware stores. Much quicker than watering cans. Highly recommended.

Sue Gordon

The results speak for themselves. For the aged, the infirm or the plain lazy who love their gardens, this is pure gold.

Roxanne Grey

EZFLO is a fantastic system. I've set it up at home for our garden and lawns. I can now fertilise as we water and not have to lug watering cans around anymore!

Shop the range

Probox Injection Systems

Shop our range of Proboxes. Irrigation Control Box with built-in EZ-FLO Fertigation System. (*Image courtesy of Vertikal)

EZ-FLO Australia

Enjoy The Piece Of Mind

Our products are designed with quality and reliability in mind, so you can trust that your landscape is receiving the best care possible. You can relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn and garden, knowing that EZFLO has got you covered. Please contact us for assistance.

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Commercial Injection Systems

EZ-FLO supplies Commercial Injection Systems to golf courses, schools, retirement villages and any business that care about the appearance and quality of their plants, lawns and premises. Shop our extensive range of small to large commercial tanks.


EZ-FLO Install Gallery

Browse through our recent installs gallery


Our Best Selling Tank

The EZ-FLO 3.2L

This is our best seller! There’s a reason this 3.2L tank outsells them all – it’s the perfect size for most home gardens and lawns. Perfectly fertilise through your:


Garden Hose




Soaker Hoses


Pop Up Sprinklers