Harness the power of every drop of water. Distribute fertiliser to your plants and lawn with an EZ-FLO Injection System.

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Residential Injection Systems

Connect directly to your garden tap

The perfect sizes for most Australian lawns & gardens. Start fertilising directly through your garden hose, sprinklers, soaker hoses and more. These Injection Systems quick connect to any standard garden tap. Initial setup in just minutes.

Mainline Injection Systems

Connect to your irrigation system

Perfect for residential or smaller commercial properties. We have a range of small to large Mainline Injection Systems that will suit your larger property or small business perfectly.

Probox Injection Systems

Shop the range

Shop our range of Proboxes. Irrigation Control Box with built-in EZ-FLO Fertigation System. (*Image courtesy of Vertikal)

Commercial Injection Systems

Shop the range

EZ-FLO supplies Commercial Injection Systems to golf courses, schools, retirement villages and any business that care about the appearance and quality of their plants, lawns and premises. Shop our extensive range of small to large commercial tanks.

EZ-FLO Install Gallery

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Our Best Selling Tank

The EZ-FLO 3.2L

This is our best seller! There's a reason this 3.2L tank outsells them all - it's the perfect size for most home gardens and lawns. If you're looking for the best way to apply liquid or soluable granular fertiliser - you've found it.

Learn about the 3.2L