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    Can I Use EZ-FLO For Green Walls

    Yes, it is a marriage made in the wall foliage!

    Nutrients play a part in the maintenance and growth of the plants within these structures. Green walls often form part of internal structures, therefore  water management and containment are a very important aspect, low volume, low pressure and low flow rates are highly desired design inputs.

    EZ-FLO systems have found good traction in this industry for instance they can operate at minimal flow rates from 2 litres per minute and pressure as low pressure as 30 kPa and can be matched to any system design requiring upto 600 litres per minute. All parts are rated at 550 kPa plus, just to put the client or specifier at ease.

    The benefits of EZ-FLO repeat themselves: self-contained, low profile, low cost, no power, ease of installation, ability to use low flows, low pressures and ability to use virtually any input, wetting agents, fertilisers, nutrients, tonics you name it. No premixing of solutions and the systems never run “dry”.

    Vertical garden specialists in Australia are recognizing the benefits of EZ-FLO over products that require 240V power, require too much pressure, need a pre-mixed solution or do not offer the five year warranty of our commercial systems.

    National Greenwall suppliers and manufacturers celebrate our systems above all:  to name just a few, are embracing the reliability and servicabilty of EZ-FLO.

    In conclusion it proves the point: we are not selling toys!


    Photo Courtesy of Vertikal Designs, Installation at Breakfast Creek 2019, Mercedes Dealership: “Autohaus”