Bio+FishKelp+Wetta – 1 Litre


Bio+FishKelp+Wetta – 1 Litre

Biofish+kelp+Wetta is a quality blend of organic fish nutrient & liquidised Australian Bull Kelp. The natural nutrients & trace elements of both proven products can now be applied as a single compound, & strict quality control formulation guarantees that every application is identical. Specific Kelp components – Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins & Betaines have additional properties to assist in growth, health & reproduction in plants. Biofish+kelp has many Agricultural & Horticultural applications.

Contains a balanced organic nutrient source, plus trace elements. wetting agent that acts to reverse the effects of hydrophobic soil. Derived from 100% Yucca schidigera concentrated plant extract, the foaming quality works to coat and break down waxy organic residues on hydrophobic soil particles allowing for efficient water and bio stimulant dispersal to the root zones. Bio+wetta applications are for use in gardens, agricultural and horticultural applications which increases water absorption and distribution throughout soil profiles.

30ml per 30 metre square