Our premium Hose and drip system, attaches to your tap or drip system and is build to operate up to 80 psi pressure




Model: EZ1010HB
Type: Heavy Duty Hose and drip Systems
Fill capacity: 3.5 Litres (liquid) or 3.1kg (water soluble) approximate
Suggested applications: Nursery, domestic gardens, greenhouses, domestic lawns, vegetable plots etc.
Litres of treated water per refill: 380 on fast ( 100:1) setting– 3,800 Litres on slow (1000:1) setting
Parts included in kit: Tank, Mixing cap, Hose tap adaptor with quick snap on fittings,  2 x 1.25m feeding tube. Nothing else required just your tap,  your hose and fertiliser. The product picture shows all the parts supplied for display.
Related models: EZ2005HB and EZ2030HB
Recommended accessories: 3/4″ BSP fittings if not needing quick snap on fittings, email request when ordering
Additional notes: Can withstand constant mains pressure to 80 psi, for “always on” connection.Quick snap on fittings should not be removed ( USA thread on connector), if BSP required email
Website price: $244.- GST incl. and delivered to your door by Australia Post
Additional Features: Use concentrated liquid or water soluble fertilisers directly, no premixing easy to change over between liquids and water solubles. WARNING: This is not a disposable item, expect 10 years plus enjoyment. Note that the tank never empties, water displaces fertiliser without dilution in tank
Design notes: This is designed for being used with 13mm hoses or fittings, you need to upgrade to a larger adapter if using flow rates in excess of say 20 litres per minute
Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 32 cm
important note

The hose and drip systems are designed to be used with 13 mm hoses, using larger hoses and flow rates will cause back pressure. Please consider using our 3060BV fitted with 3/4" BSP adapters.

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