Our premium Hose and drip system, attaches to your tap and is build to operate up to 80 psi pressure




Model: EZ1010HB
Type: Heavy Duty Hose and drip Systems
Additive capacity: 3.8 Litres (liquid) / 3.1kg (water soluble) approximate
Suggested applications: Nursery, domestic gardens, greenhouses, domestic lawns, vegetable plots etc.
Litres of treated water per refill: 380 – 3,800 Litres
Parts included in kit: Tank, Mixing cap, Hose tap adaptor with quick snap on fittings,  2 x 1.25m feeding tube. Nothing else required just your tap,  your hose and fertiliser. The product picture shows all the parts supplied for display.
Related models: EZ2005HB and EZ2030HB
Recommended accessories: 3/4″ BSP fittings if not needing quick snap on fittings, email request when ordering
Additional notes: Can withstand constant mains pressure to 80 psi, for “always on” connection.
Website price: $244.- GST incl. and delivered to your door by Australia Post
Additional Features: Use concentrated liquid or water soluble fertilisers directly, no premixing easy to change over between liquids and water solubles. WARNING: This is not a disposable item, expect 10 years plus enjoyment
Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 19 x 19 x 32 cm

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