Customer Reviews

"We installed a 38 litre, 010HC model last year at our Bullsbrook farm and eventually will use the EZFLO systems on all our other turf farms. Have been injecting wetting agents through our centre pivots and recently have started using organic "Eco Vital" supplied by the EZFLO distributor in WA, Ecoedge retic supplies. Has been very effective with even coverage and I am confidant about reducing water use. An effective and easier way to spread fertilisers or supplements, "
Westland Turf, Bullsbrook
Con, Owner. 08 93308178
"Hi Pieter, All is going well with the injectors, HCV55 x 2; one on each pump system(couldn’t be more happier with the injector units) the course is holding up very well with the Globe “hydrolink” wetting agents and considering the heatwaves we have been having this January 2017, the feedback from members has been great. Last Friday it was 45’c and overnight low of 31’c and Saturday was 41’c tomorrow Tuesday 42’c it has been bloody hot in western Sydney. (very little rainfall)"
HIFLO vertical system
Richmond Golf Course

Bromeliads Australia

Have been using a commercial mainline 20 litre 005FX, EZ-FLO system since october 2014 and use it to microdose our bromeliad collection which we market wholesale around Australia. After the initial painless calibration it has been operating continuously each time we irrigate, good tool nothing to go wrong, great results. Peter , Repton, NSW

City of Nedlands,WA

“After a year of trialling EZ-FLO products, utilizing the unique dosing system with wetting agent, irrigation technicians for the City estimate a reduction of up to 15 – 20% in water usage, while noticing a 15 – 20 % improvement in the grass plant health and sustainability. The City of Nedlands has installed EZ-FLO units and associated fittings to 40 of its 62 parks over the past 12 months and looks forward to the continued benefit supplied by the range of EZ-FLO products.” Regards, Craig New, Parks Coordinator (Irrigation)

Shelley, Penrith, NSW

Good Morning Pieter, I hope this email finds you and your family well. Love my EZ-FLO. It has made such a huge improvement to my quality of life and my plants. Thank you for all of your wonderful help. Kindest regards and many thanks,


“Definitely going to save me a lot of time fertilizing through the irrigation… Happy with the product, Happy with the service…

Neil, Northern Territory

” I am a commercial flower grower and since we installed 2 large commercial units I certainly find myself with a better product and more time to go Fishing,”

Grant, Seaforth, NSW

“The EZ- FLO system (1010-HB) has worked flawlessly on our Bamboo which basically lives on water and fertiliser. It is much better being able to regularly fertilise the Bamboo every time the watering system kicks in than to apply fertiliser sporadically as we used to.”

Julie, Mandurah, WA

“I am a returning customer. I am so impressed with what is happening in my garden after just a short time. I would like to order 3 more of the 2005-HB 2.8 litres.”

Peter, Sydney

“I have had the EZ-FLO 1 unit for 2 years now, I am satisfied with its performance. I am very impressed by the customer service, it is a company that is easy to deal with.”

Blu, Qld

“I have been using the Ezflo with the Charlie carp and other liquid fertilisers since I bought it. It has reduced the time taken to foliar feed my plants from 3hrs to 1 hour including set up and clean up. In one word it is FANTASTIC. I am extremely happy with the Ezflo. Cheers”

Andre, Vic.

“My current EZ-FLO (EZ 2013HB) unit works well for hand watering my collection of orchids & bromeliads. I generally use Miracle Gro or Phostrogen fertilizer with almost every watering. I have noticed a marked improvement in growth with the regular fertilizing.
I have found hand watering to be too time consuming.
It is a great unit and I would recommend the hose and tap type to anyone with a small collection.”

Sue, Townsville.

“Saves my plants and saves my legs”

Brad, Qld.

“My experience so far….. I have had the small 5lt ezflo fertilising unit ( 2013HB) for 4-5 years now and have found it very easy to use. Once you have it plumbed-up for one of your taps it can be used anywhere around the garden.
The best part I like is that no matter how long you water for, the right amount of fertiliser goes where you want. I have used Potassium Nitrate, Calcium nitrate and Urea through it all successfully. It has been great for establishing new trees around the garden as they are all watered via a dripper system and the unit suits that application well.”

Russell, Hatton vale, Qld

“My testimonial as follows, 10 Feb, 2014; I have an EZ- FLO system (1010-HB). It is brilliant. I use it to add fertiliser to my inline watering system for Staghorns. I can also easily move it around the yard to be used inline with a garden hose. I am impressed with its ability to handle varying pressures. An opposition brand failed after 6 months.
I have used both powdered and liquid fertilisers with no problems. A quick easy change internally makes this possible for both types of fertilisers.
Pieter is a top gentleman and has always been very happy to listen to any requests for assistance. The dispatch of products and parts in very efficient. I highly recommend this product Thank you very much.”

Paul Roberts, Sunshine West, Victoria

Paul Roberts from http://ajflynn.com/, wholesale nursery in Sunshine West, Victoria called on 2 february 2016 lamenting the fact that a small fitting on his EZFLO adapter had broken off. The fitting was express bagged on the day and we quote:

” Fantastic product, it has been is used 24/7. We purchased in 2013. We place it on one of our production runs for a week or so and mainly use Campbell’s “blue diamond” with very good results. Now cannot live without it, have recommended it to numerous people and hope you have had feedback and increased sales, so effective and so simple .”

Tim S….., McMahons Point, NSW

Tim from North Sydney called for a replacement part on the 11/7/16, the part was express bagged and we quote:

“We have used Ez-flo and been really impressed with the results for our garden. We were awarded runner-up in one of the categories of the North Sydney garden competition last year – and I give all credit to Ez-flo! Tim”