Blueberries under fertigation
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What is EZ-FLO?

EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have healthy plants, turf and crops.

EZ-FLO is a fertigation technology that comes in a range of sizes to suit a broad range of applications, from residential gardens to commercial golf courses and small crops.

EZ-FLO dispenses a precise amount of concentrated fertiliser every time you water. No matter how small or large your property is you can take advantage of EZ-FLO products to save money, conserve valuable resources, and fertilise more efficiently and quickly.

Getting Started

Start by selecting a water soluble or liquid fertiliser. With EZ-FLO you do not need to pre-mix or dilute your fertiliser ever again. Fill your EZ-FLO tank with your concentrated fertiliser, select the setting (ratio) on the cap and get ready for automatic fertigation.

Hose and drip models have injection settings of 1:100 (fast), 1:250, 1:400 or 1:1000 (slow).
Main-line models installed into irrigation lines have injection settings of 1:400 (fast), 1:2000, 1:8000 or 1:15000 (slow).

You can use EZ-FLO for microdosing – where small amounts of fertiliser are applied every time you water – by selecting the ‘slow’ setting. At 1:1000 one litre of concentrate is displaced for every thousand litres of water.

Microdosing is beneficial because plants absorb nutrients immediately. This creates a robust root system, generating healthier plants with less water, and it also reduces fertiliser run-off.

How it Works

EZ-FLO requires either a hose tap adapter for residential systems or for permanent irrigation a main inline adapter. These provide a slight pressure drop allowing a small stream of water from the hose or irrigation pipe to enter the EZ-FLO, displace the fertiliser concentrate, then re-introduce it back into the main stream of water where it is diluted.

As water enters the tank separation is achieved – heavier concentrate on the bottom and lighter water on the top. EZ-FLO only pulls concentrate from the bottom of the tank; it does not dilute the concentrate.

The result is consistent levels of fertiliser throughout the whole cycle until the fertiliser is depleted and is replaced with water.

EZ-FLO has no moving parts, requires zero maintenance and zero power.

The ease of use sets EZ-FLO apart from competing fertigation technologies - it's so EZ(y)

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