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    Cap Connector Repair
    The EZ-FLO CAP-MBT has two connections to attach tubing to the cap. In the event of breakage, both connections are designed simple field repair.

    The Cap Molded Butress Thread Repair Kit provides the necessary tools to make 6 end connection repairs
    In addition to the kit, you will require the following tools:

    1. Drill
    2. Adjustable Wrench
    3. Thread Tape
      The adjustable wrench can be used in place of the drill, but is not recommended

    Step 1 -Remove the damaged end from the cap body using the #4 Extractor and Drill:
    Insert the #4 Extractor into the drill Set drill to REVERSE
    Insert the screw extractor into the broken fitting while depressing the power

    Step 2 – With the drill slowly turning allow the screw extractor to wind out the damaged end of the broken cap connector fitting
    Once the damaged portion is removed, pull away lightly/gently.
    To remove the damaged portion from the extractor, switch the drill to the forward position and grip the broken piece with pliers while depressing the power switch

    Step 3 – Apply 1 to 2 wraps of thread tape to fitting threads.
    Do not cover small hole in fitting
    May be cleared with small knife or finger if covered

    Step 4 – Insert the new fitting into the cap
    Use hand to start fitting and rotate until difficult
    Complete tightening with adjustable wrench
    The fitting may be tightened further while connected to the tubing and under pressure to spot any leaks if they occur

    Step 5 – Refer to the original instruction manual for steps related to connecting the system