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    Step 1: Determine the type of installation that is correct for your system (hose or drip) and insert the correct FLO disc if necessary (see “Flow Requirements Section”)

    Step 2: Install the EZ-FLO tap adapter in the correct position as shown in the illustrations. The EZ 1010-HB may be installed before or after a timer. The tank is capable of handling constant pressure.

    Step 3: Attach tubing to the hose tap adapter fitting. Slide the Black tubing over the barb next to the blue mark carefully to avoid stressing the fitting. Repeat with the Clear tubing next to the Green mark.

    Step 4: Attach tubing to the green tank cap.

    Do not remove the blue and green cap connector nuts.

    Slightly loosen each nut and insert the Black tubing through the center of the Blue nut until it stops. Once it stops hand tighten the blue nut. Repeat with the Clear tubing and the Green nut.

    Additional Installation Notes:

    If one is not already installed a hose vacuum breaker should be installed to use an EZ-FLO system per local plumbing codes (not Included) Back flow prevention may not be required on bore irrigation systems but is still recommended. When possible the tap adapter fitting should always be the last component installed in any configuration.Filters, & pressure regulators should not be installed after the hose tap adapter. Unit includes 1.2 m of clear and 1.2 m of black tubing, you may trim tubing to necessary length.


    Light duty models 2000 series are designed for on/off operation and not designed to be left unattended under pressure.


    Drip systems with less than 8 litres per minute (lpm) water flow may require an EZ-FLO Flo-Disc in order to inject solution into the drip system. There are three discs provided for these conditions.

    Important: You must have colored fertiliser in the EZ-FLO tank or food dye to adjust the system. Let the system run for a few minutes to make sure the fertiliser is not flowing before installing or changing the Flo-Disc. If there is no color in the tube, the system is not flowing and a more restrictive Flo-Disc is required for operation.

    Note: When using a flo disc always pre dilute 1 part fertiliser to 4 parts water

    Step 1: Estimate your water flow by multiplying the number of drip emitters on your system by their litres per hour flow rating. (If you do not know your water flow you can use trial & error starting without a Flo-Disc. If no color is present in the clear line insert a Flo-disc starting with the white)

    Step 2: Remove the washer from the swivel nut on the Hose tap adaptor. For easy removal, use pliers to grab the O-Ring tab or a plain end screw driver.

    Step 3: Push the proper Flo- Disc into the hose tap adaptor until it presses firmly against the flow restrictor in the center of the hose tap adaptor. The water flow will hold the disc in place.

    Step 4: Replace the hose tap adaptor hose washer and follow steps 2 through 4 in the “Installing your EZFLO” in these instructions.


    Step 1: Add the fully concentrated product and select the appropriate cap setting based on the manufacturers recommended coverage rate. Products do not require dilution or premixing unless using a Flo-Disc or the manufacturer’s recommendation.

    Step 2: Fill the tank with water until all air is out of the tank. The system will mix the products automatically when the water is turned on.

    Step 3: Screw tank cap on the tank and connect tubing to the cap and hose tap adaptor Connect blue to blue and green to green. The tubing slides over the connectors on the hose tap adapter and into the connector on the cap.

    Step 4: Set the flow adjustment on the cap to fast feed for quick feeding and to slow feed to feed slowly every time you water. You can also feed at these approximate rates.

    Setting *Ratio Fertiliser per liter
    Slow 1000:1 100ml per 100 litres of water used
    1 500:1 200ml per 100 litres of water
    2 250:1 400ml per 100 litres of water
    Fast 100:1 1 litre per 100 litres of water

    To refill – shut off pressure to tank, unscrew tubing from the cap, pour the water out of the tank and go to step one above.

    Note: All feed rates are approximate and not guaranteed by EZ-FLO due to the high amount of variables resulting from differences in irrigation system configuration, product quality, viscosity, and specific gravity. Feed rates and ratios are provided for convenience only. EZ-FLO feeders should be used for general application of liquid and water soluble products only and are not marketed as a direct replacement for chemical siphon feeders.

    For safe fertilising practices EZ-FLO recommends the plants be fed at half or 50% of the manufacturers recommended amount for the first application to prevent any damage to the plants or landscape.