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    • Do not connect to an irrigation system that is not protected by an approved back flow prevention device such as a pressure vacuum breaker or reduced pressure zone back flow preventer.
    • Do not operate if pressure exceeds 700 kPa ( for HCV 825 kPa)
    • Follow all local plumbing codes.
    • Use only with non-hazardous products.
    • Minimize exposure to direct sunlight to maximize service life.
    • Protect against impact from foreign objects.

    All EZ-FLO systems have been specifically designed and engineered to be installed by a professional irrigation or landscape contractor. Improper installation or use could cause risk of water contamination due to back flow or tank rupture. Failure to follow all safety instructions and warnings could result in serious bodily injury. Improper installation or use of the system voids all warranties.

    System Installation

    Typical installation

    The system is normally installed in a valve box, connected to the main line of the irrigation system after the back flow preventer and before the sprinkler valves. One unit will feed both drip and sprinkler zones that are downstream from the connection point.

    Step 1 – Locate the installation point.

    Connection must be made after an approved back flow prevention device. It is preferable to have the tank cap above the installation point in the sprinkler line if possible but it is not required for efficient operation. The connection can be made either vertically or horizontally in the sprinkler main line.

    Step 2 – Shut off water by closing a valve at the back flow preventer or in the main line upstream from the connection point. Relieve the pressure from the line at the exhaust valve on the back flow preventer or by manually opening a sprinkler valve.

    Step 3 – Attach tubing to the ball valve coupling. Press the black tube over the blue fitting on the ball valve coupling. Press the clear tube over the green fitting on the ball valve coupling. Put tubing clamps over the tubing below the barbed end of the fitting and squeeze them until they are tightly secured.

    Connect System to Irrigation Lines

    Step 4 – Connect tubing to tank cap by removing the blue and green connector nuts from the bypass fitting by turning them in a counter clockwise direction. (Attach bypass fitting to tubing for later use). Connect the blue connector nut to the water in side of the tank cap. Connect the green connector nut to the fertiliser out connection on the cap. Turn the water on to the system.

    Connect tubing to cap:

    1. Shut off valves in the off position
    2. Turn water on at back flow preventer
    3. Connect blue connector to water in connection on cap
    4. Connect green connector to fertilizer out connection on cap.

    Fill Tank With Fertilizer

    Step 5 – Fill tank with fertiliser. (For detailed instructions for refilling the system, please see the Quick Refill Guides.)

    The EZ-FLO system can be filled with any liquid or water soluble fertiliser.

    Before filling:

    Make sure the shut off valves are off. Open the fill valve on top of the tank and make sure the drain valve on the bottom of the tank is closed.

    If you do not have a High Capacity Funnel Fill System, pour fertiliser directly into tank through the fill valve, adding water periodically by opening one shut off valve. When the tank is full of fertiliser, top it off with water until all air is gone from the tank.

    *Note that HCV model numbers equate to capacity in liters

    Model Tank Size Recommended Amount
    EZ010HC 38 liters 30- 40 kg dry or 38 liters liquid
    EZ017HC 66 liters 60 – 80 kg dry or 66 liters liquid
    EZ025HC 95 liters 90 -120 kg dry or 95 liters liquid


    If you have a High Capacity Funnel Fill System, put the funnel in the fill valve. Disconnect one of the shut off valves from the cap and connect it to the tubing on the funnel. Open the shut off valve and pour the fertiliser into the funnel until tank is full of liquid, all air must be out of tank.


    After filling:

    Close the fill valve, the shut off valve and the drain/fill valve. Disconnect the shut off valve from the funnel and connect it to tank cap. Remove the fill funnel and turn both shut off valves to the on position.

    Set Flow Adjustment

    Step 6 – Set the flow rate by adjusting the ball valve coupling and the adjustment knob on the tank cap. (The ball valve coupling will only require adjustment at initial startup.)

    1. With the cap adjustment setting in the fast position, turn on the sprinkler or drip zone with the lowest liters per minute flow rate.
    2. Slowly close the ball valve very slightly, until you can see fluid movement or color in the clear fertiliser out line.
    3. Set the cap adjustment knob to the desired feed rate.
    4. Turn off the sprinkler or drip zone.

    Slow Setting – is used for normal maintenance in regions with high watering requirements such as hot dry climates or sandy soils.

    #1 Setting – is used for normal maintenance in regions with more moderate climates and moderate watering schedules where soils have good moisture retention.

    #2 Setting – is used to encourage fast growth or to quickly improve the condition of a landscape in poor condition. The unit will empty more quickly and can be refilled more often.

    Fast Setting – is used for periodic fertilisation. The unit will empty more quickly and can be refilled more often.

    Setting *Ratio grams of fertiliser per liter
    Slow 15,000:1 0.07
    1 8,000:1 0.13
    2 2,000:1 0.5
    Fast 400:1 2.5

    M3 Of Water Required To empty Fertiliser

    The following table shows the m3 of water required to distribute the fertiliser from the EZ-FLO High Capacity Systems at the various flow settings.

    Model EZ010 EZ017 EZ025 HCV55 HCV76 HCV112 HCV180
    Slow 570 1000 1425 880 1140 1680 2700
    1 300 500 760 440 608 896 1440
    2 76 133 175 110 152 224 360
    Fast 15 27 38 22 30 45 72

    How It Works

    Your system is now ready to operate. Each time you water, the EZ-FLO system will proportion small amounts (micro doses) of fertiliser in the irrigation water.  The patented flow process evenly meters fertiliser from start to finish. Fill based on desired results.

    Water entering the tank is layered over the top of the fertilizer that settles to

    the bottom of the tank. Fertiliser is drawn from the bottom of the tank, out the clear tubing and into the irrigation system. EZ-FLO’s patented technology ensures consistent metering from start to finish.

    Winterising Your System


    If you live in a region where winter temperatures can drop below freezing it is necessary to winterize your system.

    System with shut off valves

    1. Turn valves to off position
    2. Remove blue and green connectors from the tank cap
    3. Screw blue and green connectors onto bypass fitting
    4. Drain tank and return it to the valve box or store in garage

    If you need assistance with the installation or operation of your system, or have further questions, please visit our web site at or call EZ- Water with Fertiliser FLO on (08) 6245 0191

    For warranty provisions for this unit, please refer to our website under “resources”