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    EZ-FLO Connector Required for Installation, Sold Separately

    • Do not connect to an irrigation system that is not protected by an approved back flow prevention device.
    • Do not install if pressure exceeds 100 PSI
    • Use only with non-hazardous products
    • Minimize exposure to direct sunlight to maximize service life
    • Protect against freezing to avoid tank fracture

    All EZ-FLO systems have been specifically designed and engineered to be installed by a professional irrigation or landscape contractor. Improper installation or use could cause risk of water contamination due to back flow or tank rupture. Failure to follow all safety instructions and warnings could result in serious bodily injury. Improper installation or use of the system voids all warranties.


    Part # CAP- (HPFine Thread or HPCoarse Thread) or MBT (2016 on)

    System Installation

    Typical installation

    The system is normally installed in a valve box, connected to the main line of the irrigation system after the back flow preventer and before the sprinkler valves. One unit will feed both drip and sprinkler zones without changing any connections or nozzles. It will feed both the front and back yard landscapes.

    Step 1 – Locate the installation point.
    Connection must be made after an approved back flow prevention device. The connection can be made either vertically or horizontally in the irrigation main line. A “CBV” style connection is required for any installation especially for low flow, drip, or low pressure connections.

    Step 2 – Shut off water and relieve pressure

    Main Line Connection ( Sold separately)

    Ball Valve Coupling – no minimum (required for low flow or drip irrigation)

    Step 3 – Cut out a section of pipe slightly larger than the cut out length of the coupling.

    Step 4 – Glue the coupling into the line. Glue in coupling with flow arrow pointing in the direction of the water flow.

    Step 5 – Attach tubing to the coupling. Attach black tubing to blue fitting, clear tubing to green fitting and secure with tubing clamps

    Fill Tank

    Step 6 – Fill tank with the recommended amount of product. The EZ- FLO system can be filled with any liquid or most water soluble products. Fill the tank based on the product’s coverage recommendations.

    Fertiliser Typical Coverage Rates:

    Liquid – 1.5 liter per 200 m2 every 4 to 6 weeks

    Powder- 1kg per 200 m2 every 4 to 6weeks

    Pour fertiliser directly into tank and then top off with water until all air is gone from the tank. Allow the water to overflow slightly.

    Model Tank Size Maximum Capacity
    EZFLO1 3.8 litres 4 kg dry or 3.8 L. liquid
    EZ001-CX 5.7 litres 6 kg dry or 5.7 L. liquid
    EZ003-CX 9.4 litres 8 kg dry or 9.4 L liquid
    EZ005-FX 19 litres 16 kg dry or 19 L liquid
    EZ010-HC 38 liters 42 kg dry or 38 L liquid


    Fill tank with product

    Follow all product label precautions. Multiple products can be combined and applied all at one time. Base how much to put in the tank by each product’s coverage recommendations.

    • Do not put weed control in the system
    • Do not leave air in the tank!!
    • Fill with water from shut off valve or back flow preventer until tank overflows.

    Step 7 – Screw on tank cap

    Step 8 – Connect tubing to cap

    • Shut off valves in the off position
    • Turn water on at back flow preventer
    • Connect blue connector to water in connection on cap. Bleed air from tank by opening the valve slightly on the black line until air is purged
    • Connect green connector to fertiliser out connection on cap and open the shutoff valve

    Step 9 – Set the flow rate by adjusting the adjustment knob to the proper setting.

    Slow Setting – is used for normal maintenance in regions with high watering requirements such as hot dry climates or sandy soils.

    # 1 Setting – is used for normal maintenance in regions with more moderate climates and moderate watering schedules where soils have good moisture retention.

    # 2 Setting – is used to encourage fast growth or to quickly improve the condition of a landscape in poor condition. The unit will empty more quickly and can be refilled more often.

    Fast Setting – is used for periodic fertilisation. The unit will empty more quickly and can be refilled more often.

    Setting *Ratio Approx. grams or ml per liter
    Slow 15000:1 0.07ml
    1 8000:1 0.13ml
    2 2000:1 0.50ml
    Fast 400:1 2.50ml

    *Ratio refers to the amount of water mixed with the fertiliser. For example, a 400:1 ratio means 400 litres of water will be mixed with 1 litre of fertiliser in the irrigation pipe. The adjustment knob can be set in between settings if desired. These ratios are approximate because feed rates can vary by the type of product being distributed. Ratios are provide as a general guideline only.

    Litres of water until empty

    The following table shows the approximate litres of water required to distribute the fertiliser from the EZ-FLO system at the various flow settings.

    Model EZFLO1 EZ001-CX EZ003-CX EZ005-FX
    Slow 57 85 140 280
    1 30.4 45 76 152
    2 7.6 11 19 38
    Fast 380 2.3 3.8 7.6