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    Microdosing With EZ-FLO

    Benefits of microdosing fertigation

    Microdosing fertiliser or nutrient is more effective and consistent. Fertiliser is not only applied wherever the water goes but every time you irrigate.
    You have designed your irrigation for efficient cover, so with microdosing fertilisers are applied at the root, not in the gutter. This means less wastage through runoff. Because you are applying very small amounts of dissolved fertiliser, there are no large quantities of solid fertiliser in contact with the air hence evaporation of fertiliser, especially nitrogen, is virtually eliminated. Research indicates microdosing can reduce fertiliser consumption by up to 60%.

    Spoon feeding

    Because you are spoon feeding your plants with microdosing, nutrients are immediately available to them. About 90-95% of microdosed fertiliser is absorbed by the plant roots and leaves. Microdosing eliminates the feast and famine cycle of conventional fertilising methods thus improving plant health because your plants never want for a feed. This helps make plants less susceptible to insects and disease because they attack weak plants. Improved root development from microdosing saves water, it gives plants with a healthier root structure which is more drought resistant because it is more efficient at absorbing water. Some research estimates up to a 50% reduction in water requirements.

    Reduce your water

    When you introduce microdosing, we recommend you immediately reduce your water by 10% for the first fertiliser cycle. Cut back by another 10% for the second cycle and 5% for the third. Continue reducing each cycle by 5% until you find the right balance for your plants based on the products you are using and your soil type. Microdosing saves time and money by eliminating the prolonged manual application process. It also reduces soil compaction because it eliminates the need for any heavy machinery.