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    My System Is Running But The line Is Still Clear

    First check that your system has water flowing and is not just under pressure. The tube will only show color when the water is flowing.

    Was the tank filled with the proper amount of fertiliser? Was dye added if the fertiliser did not contain a dye. Also confirm all air was removed from the tank by topping off with water.   After that check that the included hose tap connector is installed according to the Installation section.

    You may need to rearrange your filter, pressure regulator, and/or timer so our injector fitting is last.  Check the Flow Requirements section to determine if you need a Flo Disc or that the correct Flo Disc was selected.

    If installed in a sprinkler line adjust the ball valve connector (CBV) according to the instructions provided with the connector. If the system was installed in a sprinkler line and a coupling ball valve (CBV) connection was not used, one must be installed for proper function.