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    EZ-FLO Advantage

    What makes EZ-FLO stand out from the competition?

    Top of our list is the simplicity; it’s not called EZ-FLO (pronounced ‘easy flow’) for nothing. But having said this is the number one advantage, we have probably done EZ-FLO an injustice, because there are so many advantages.

    Fewer product limitations

    EZ-FLO is filled with concentrated liquid or water-soluble products so there is no need to pre-mix. As a result, EZ-FLO offers at least a 10 X reduction in the tank capacity required compared to other systems.

    EZ-FLO is suitable for a large range of products, not just fertiliser. It can dispense any water-soluble product with a specific gravity greater than that of water including soil amendments, wetting agents, acid, pre-emergent herbicides, growth regulators, iron stain inhibitors, animal supplements and insect control etc. The applications are only limited by your imagination!

    Unique product

    EZ-FLO is unlike other differential pressure systems because it uses dynamic suspension and proprietary fluid flow technology. This patented technology ensures the incoming water displaces the fertiliser but does not dilute it in the tank. The concentration of fertiliser output is constant over the whole cycle. EZ-FLO offers accurate proportioning of fertiliser and automatically adjusts to different pressure and flow for multi-zone irrigation. It is a true ‘Set and Forget’ product. Applicable operating ranges are 30-800 kPa pressure and irrigation flows from 2  litres per minute to 23 m3 per minute. Microdosing from a ratio of 1:75 to 1: 1.5 million is possible. There are no moving parts in the EZ-FLO and it does not require electricity to run making it maintenance free. We have no need for complicated computers to make it work.

    EZ-FLO can operate from a tap for smaller units through to irrigation mainlines or laterals. And compared to venturi systems we only require 20-30 kPa  pressure drop rather than 150 to 300 kPa.

    Additional features

    There is a wide range of sizing in EZ-FLO systems so you can select a product based on your irrigation cycle or how often you wish to refill the unit. EZ-FLO never runs dry. The fertiliser is displaced with water so, at the end of the cycle, the EZ-FLO is full of water. It can just sit there with no detrimental effect until you are ready to fill the unit.

    The cost range for our products is from $165 to $6,000.

    EZ-FLO is a proven world leader in injection equipment for the horticultural industry with a 25-year history of quality and reliability which has set us apart from many competing technologies.