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    Why are EZ-FLO proportioning systems better than other methods of application?

    Consistent and Accurate Metering –  With EZ-FLO, your landscape receives consistent micro-doses of fertilizer or nutrients which is proven to be the best way to feed your plants.

    Adjustable Feed Rates – Various precision settings enable you to achieve desired feed rates for just about any fertilising or control situation. Micro-dosing also eliminates the chance of “burning” your plants or staining buildings or walkways.

    Automatically Adjusts to Pressure and Flow- Since there are no moving parts, there is no pressure loss when using our system. EZ-FLO systems can proportion on a little as 8 litres per minute flow at only 5 PSI  0r 30 kPa water pressure. This makes EZ-FLO particularly useful on irrigation systems with low water pressure, on long piping runs or when installed on a low-flow drip or other subsurface irrigation zones.

    Ease of Use – No pre-dilution of water solubles required. No annual maintenance. Longer service life. Fewer refills for the equivalent size property.