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    Why is Fertigation my best option?

     Fertigation which is the application of fertiliser, nutrients and or amendments through irrigation water

    • No more dry fertiliser applications followed by the “watering in” process
    • Placement is more accurate and uniform
    • Applied through the irrigation, therefore, nutrients land where the water lands
    • Immediately available to plants, crops or turf
    • Uptake of nutrients by roots is improved
    • Saving labour as nutrients are applied automatically, in the evening or early in the morning
    • Reducing water, as plants develop a healthier more extensive root system
    • Eliminate nutrient losses
    • Reduce environmental issues such as runoff


    • Nutrients,
    • Compost teas,
    • Wetting agents,
    • Fertilisers,
    • Iron removers,
    • Drip cleaners,
    • Biological dethatchers,
    • Animal supplements,
    • Fire fighting foam
    • And the list grows daily

    In conclusion: fit our system to your mains, your bore, use it from a lake, from a dam, a header tank, feed your pivot, your drip, your stock trough any irrigation system or just from your tap.