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Fertiliser Injection Systems

The best way to fertilise your Organic Herbs & Veggies

If you LOVE growing your own herbs and veggies. Give them the nutrients they need via our patented EZ-FLO fertiliser injection system. Perfect for organic gardeners.

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Residential Tanks

Connect directly to your garden tap

The perfect sizes for most Aussie veggie & herb gardens. Perfect for your lawns and other plants as well. Start fertilising directly through your garden hose, sprinklers, soaker hoses and more. These tanks quick connect to any standard garden tap. Initial setup in minutes.

Fertilise your veggies

Garden Hose

Boost every drop of water and fertilise through your garden hose with EZ-FLO.
Fertilise large gardens


You can fertilise through every known sprinkler.
Fertilise through your

Soaker Hoses

Have a narrow garden or lawn? Fertilise using your Soaker Hose or drip with EZ-FLO.
Fertilise through your

Drip Irrigation & More

Drip Irrigation and EZ-FLO are a match made in garden heaven.

Not JUST for fertiliser.

You can use a huge range of liquid and water-soluable products with EZ-FLO
Soil Wetters

Effectively improve hydrophobic soil and stop wasting water to run off. Thanks to EZ-FLO, it’s easy to get soil wetters where they’re needed – the soil.

Soil Improvers

Keeping your soil healthy has never been easier. Utilise every drop of water you put on your lawn or garden to transfer beneficial soil improvers to exactly where it’s needed – the soil.

Seaweed Products

The EZ-FLO is perfect for applying much loved seaweed products. Adjust to your preferred dilution rate and connect your nozzle or sprinkler.

So much more

Bio-Stimulants, Iron supplements and more. The EZ-FLO is changing the way Australians water their lawns and gardens.


People are buying EZ-FLO tanks to improve the look and health of their gardens and lawns and because EZ-FLO is easier to use. Our system is (super) easy to use, convenient and significantly reduces the amount of fertiliser required.

Better Looking Lawns & Gardens

Accurate microdosing of important nutrients and fertilisers will allow your lawn and garden to look the best it's ever looked! Forget feeding every 6 weeks, you can now provide nutrients every time you water.

Stop Wasting Expensive Fertiliser

Research proves Microdosing reduces fertiliser use by up to 60%.

Lightweight & Portable

Stop carrying around heavy backpack sprayers. Simply plug the EZ-FLO into your garden tap or irrigation system.

Disperse a Huge Range of Products

EZ-FLO isn't just for liquid fertilisers. You can disperse a huge range of liquid or water-soluble products.

From Slow to Fast

EZ-FLO tanks allow you to adjust how much fertiliser is being dispersed. EZ-FLO tanks can also inject at extremely low flow rates, flow rates low-enough that they’re suitable for drip irrigation (nothing else compares!).

Connect to almost anything

EZ-FLO can connect to your garden tap, irrigation system or large commercial systems. At home, you can fertilise through your garden hose, sprinklers, soaker hoses, drip systems and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fertilisers can I use?

Virtually any type of liquid or water-soluble fertiliser or liquid product can be used in an EZ-FLO unit.

Is there any maintenance required?

In normal operating conditions, the EZ-FLO requires no maintenance.

There are zero moving parts to wear out and no electrical components. EZ-FLO units work using existing water pressure from your system.

Why EZ-FLO is better than the rest

Consistent and Accurate Metering – other systems can deliver dangerously high levels of fertiliser or chemicals in the first few minutes, and then drop below the ideal feeding range for the remainder of the application cycle. With EZ-FLO, your landscape receives consistent micro-doses of fertiliser or nutrients which is proven to be the best way to feed your plants.

Adjustable Feed Rates – Various precision settings, from 0.1 ml per litre for constant feeding to 10 ml per litre, enable you to achieve desired feed rates for just about any fertilising or control situation. Micro-dosing also eliminates the chance of “burning” your plants or staining buildings or walkways. Most other systems are difficult to adjust or are non-adjustable.

Automatically Adjusts to Pressure and Flow – Since there are no moving parts, there is no pressure loss when using our system. EZ-FLO systems can proportion on a little as 2.0 litres per hour flow at only 5 PSI (35 kPa) water pressure. This makes EZ-FLO particularly useful on irrigation systems with low water pressure, on long piping runs or when installed on a low-flow drip or other subsurface irrigation zones. It, however, is also rated to 80 psi + hence suitable for high-pressure systems as well. Most other systems do not adjust automatically or have a wide flow range as EZ-FLO.

Availability of Products – EZ-FLO can use a full line of organic, natural and synthetic fertilisers as well as supplements (bio-stimulants, mineral supplements and surfactants) in landscape and grower applications through our recommended supplier links . These products are available a la carte.

Ease of Use – No pre-dilution of water solubles required. No annual maintenance. Longer service life. Fewer refills for the equivalent size property. Greater landscape coverage available ( 5 to 323 litre units)

What can I connect to EZ-FLO?

EZ-FLO systems can be used with all sprinkler and spray heads, micro-spray heads and drip and subsurface options without the need to adjust the system for zones with different end devices (i.e. spray heads vs. drippers).

EZ-FLO adjusts automatically to water flow in any zone even if there are different pressures present in that zone. For example many drip zones have pressure reducers in order to protect the dripper heads.

Competing systems do not have the same ability to easily address these different flow and pressure attributes with a single unit.