EZ-FLO – 3.2L – Fertiliser Injection System (Tap)


Connects directly to your garden tap

This is our best seller! There’s a reason this 3.2L injection system outsells them all – it’s the perfect size for most home gardens and lawns. If you’re looking for the best way to apply liquid or soluble granular fertiliser – you’ve found it.


Supplied with Australian-specific fittings (USA version will leak here in Australia)
Fill capacity: 3.2 Litres (liquid) or 3.2 kg (water-soluble) approximate.  However your choice to fill with any amount; 500 grams, 1 kg or 3.2 kg, just top up with water.
Suggested applications: Domestic gardens and lawns, nursery, greenhouses, green walls, vertical gardens, vegetable plots + more.
Litres of treated water per full refill: 320 on fast ( 100:1) setting– 3,200 Litres on slow (1000:1) setting

Dimensions: 30cm Height x 18 cm Diameter
Parts in Kit: 3.2-litre premium PVC tank, mixing cap, 1.5 m feeding tubes, liquid agitation valve, brass tap adapter complete with quick snap on fittings standard; optional tap fittings to suit 13mm or 20mm hoses selected below:

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The Best Selling EZ-FLO

Learn why the 3.2L EZ-FLO is our biggest seller.

Fertilise through your

Garden Hose

Boost every drop of water and fertilise through your garden hose with EZ-FLO.
Fertilise through your


You can fertilise through every known sprinkler.
Fertilise through your

Soaker Hoses

Have a narrow garden or lawn? Fertilise using your Soaker Hose or drip with EZ-FLO.
Fertilise through your

Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop Up Sprinklers and EZ-FLO are a match made in garden heaven.

Not JUST for fertiliser.

You can use a huge range of liquid and water-soluable products with EZ-FLO
Soil Wetters

Effectively improve hydrophobic soil and stop wasting water to run off. Thanks to EZ-FLO, it’s easy to get soil wetters where they’re needed – the soil.

Soil Improvers

Keeping soil healthy has never been easier. Utilise every drop of water by injecting  beneficial soil improvers to exactly where it’s needed – the soil.

Seaweed Products

The EZ-FLO is perfect for applying much loved seaweed products. It’s as simple as filling and adjusting to your preferred dilution rate.

So much more

Bio-Stimulants, Iron supplements and more. The EZ-FLO is changing the way Australian businesses fertilise.