EZ-FLO – 9.4L – Fertiliser Injection System (Mainline)

The 9.4 Litre 003CX is ideally suited for the larger residential home block, up to 1500m2 in garden/turf area.

Type: Main Line Standard Capacity Systems
Additive capacity: 9.4 Litres (liquid) / 6.8 – 8.2 kg (water-soluble)
Suggested applications: Nursery, small parks; vertical gardens; green walls; road medians, large gardens, greenhouses, golf course greens, etc.
Litres of treated water per refill: 3,800 – 142,000 Litres

Dimensions: 30 cm Height x 20 cm Diameter x 52 cm Length
Parts included in the kit: EZ003CX Tank, Mixing cap, liquid agitation valve, 1.5m feeding tubes.
Required accessories: A ball valve coupling adapter (CBV) to suit your mains size in options below
Additional Features: Ability to use either liquid or water-soluble products



Introducing the EZ-FLO commercial range.

The EZ-FLO High Capacity Main-Line range covers three horizontal models and four vertical models to give you ultimate placement possibilities – from situated in a large underground valve box to the back of the pump shed. We also have a range of light-commercial models, suitable for smaller applications.

EZ-FLO Commercial Benefits

Not just healthier, better looking plants. EZ-FLO systems also provide a range of financial benefits for businesses.

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Costs

Additional information

Solvent Weld Socket Size

20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm

Add Threaded fittings

No Threaded Fittings, Male Thread, Female Thread