Our 38 litre PVC horizontal High Capacity system, ideal for placing inside jumbo valve box


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Model: EZ010HC
Type: Main Line High Capacity System
Additive capacity: 38L Litres (liquid) / 45kg (water soluble)
Suggested applications: Parks, Sports fields and growers
Litres of treated water per refill: 22.000-600.000
Parts included in kit: EZ010HC Tank, Mixing cap, 1.25m feeding tubes, liquid adaptor
Related models: EZ017HC, EZ025HC, HCV055, HCV076, HCV112, HCV180
Required accessories: Ball valve coupling adaptor (CBV) to suit irrigation mains, medium funnel optional
Additional notes: Our most popular High Capacity unit
Website price: $3,233.00 , discounts for growers
Additional Features:
Ability to use either liquid concentrates or water solubles

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