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Commercial Fertigation

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Shop our extensive range of commercial injection systems, designed for golf courses, sports fields, schools and other businesses who care about the health and look of their plants.

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EZ-FLO Commercial Benefits

Not just healthier, better looking plants. EZ-FLO systems also provide a range of financial benefits for businesses.

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Costs

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Shop our range of Proboxes. Irrigation Control Box with built-in EZ-FLO Fertigation System.

* Image courtesy of Vertikal

Example Installation

In this video, we show you how EZ-FLO injection systems operate, an example installation + more.

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About EZ-FLO's Commercial Products

Fertiliser application for large areas can be problematic because of the type of methods traditionally used. For example, broadcasting is not only time consuming but can lead to wastage, soil compaction and environmental run-off.

EZ-FLO can supply fertigation systems which can give you a very quick Return on Investment just on machinery and labour alone. There are also significant water and fertiliser savings to be gained with EZ-FLO.

Fertiliser is not the only product suitable for dispensing with EZ-FLO. Our systems can also inject wetting agents, iron treatment agents and acids. The applications are many and sometimes only limited by your imagination.

High Capacity main-line systems

EZ-FLO High Capacity Main Line Systems attach directly to your pump discharge or downstream of your backflow device and will inject directly into overhead sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Every time you use your irrigation system, EZ-FLO releases small, precision doses of water soluble or liquid fertilizers into the water stream automatically.
One system will feed through both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes to compensate for water flow or water pressure.

The High Capacity versions of our Main-Line Systems include a proprietary fill system allowing the tanks to double their water soluble capacity. With this fill system, there is no need to remove the proportioning cap to add products.
The High Capacity models also feature a larger drain valve, automatic air vent valve, and a schedule 80 PVC or Glass Fibrewound body for added protection and durability.

These units have no moving parts making them very reliable, dependable and maintenance-free.

All systems require a CBV, ball valve coupling adapter, to suit the size of the irrigation mains where you want to inject. A variety of sizes are available ex stock and we can also custom make one to suit your needs.

The EZ-FLO High Capacity Main-Line range covers three horizontal models and four vertical models to give you ultimate placement possibilities – from situated in a large underground valve box to the back of the pump shed.

Model selection is based on time required between refills. For example, many Councils want a monthly refill, hence if they estimate that a sports field would consume 100 Kg of water soluble fertiliser each month, it would follow that either the horizontal EZ 025HC (95 litres) or the vertical HCV112 (112 litres) would be suitable. Some Councils actually select the capacity to refill on a quarterly basis and yes we have systems suitable.

EZ-FLO systems are ideal for professionals who service projects on a contractual basis.

AN EZ-FLO never runs ‘dry’ because the fertiliser is displaced by water and at the end of its cycle it is full of water only, so if for some reason a scheduled refill cannot be met there is no concern for seals or pumps failing.

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