Ezee Bore Cleanse – 5 Litre



So, What is the Ezee bore cleanse?

What’s a complexing agent?

Also called a coordination compound this is a compound in which independently existing molecules or ions of a non metal (complexing agent)

form coordinate bonds with a metal atom or ion. So, metal ions remain in solution but exhibit diminished reactivity.

The iron dissolved in solution will now stay in solution rather than rusting out.

When it rusts out you get stain so delaying this process keeps your walls and pipes clean.

Does it work?

The bore cleanse is a metered micro dosing machine that injects a minute amount of complexing agent into the bore water using Ezflo tanks.

Keeping the pipes clean.

Is it safe?

Yes! But even so, we want you to take due care when handling chemicals of any kind from any source. So, don’t drink it, don’t rub or splash it in your eyes and don’t bath in it. Just use the Ezee bore cleanse as directed and you will be fine.

Is it safe for my garden?

Yes! Years of extensive testing have proven the safety of the Ezee bore cleanse treatment solution with gardens and turf.