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    Insert and Release

    The EZ-FLO system uses push connect fittings to connect the clear and black 1/4” tubing to the cap.

    To Insert:

    Step 1. Insert the end of the tubing into the appropriate side (Clear to Green / Black to Blue) by pressing into the hole. Press gently until the tubing stops.

    Step 2. Gently tug the tubing to ensure it is locked into place.

    To Remove:
    Step 1. Shut off pressure to the system.

    Step 2. Apply gentle pressure to the Green or Blue collet with your fingers.

    Step 3. While holding pressure, gently pull the tubing away from the fitting to release.

    Note: Make sure to direct the fitting away from your face and body. A small amount of residual pressure may be in the tank and cause a momentary release of fluid.