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EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have a beautiful landscape and a healthy garden, gone are the days where you had to measure a tablespoon into a watering can and walk backwards and forwards from and to the tap.

Fertigation Solutions

EZ-FLO is a fertigation device which delivers adjustable doses of nutrients each time you hose or irrigate.

EZ-FLO hose and drip systems can be used with any concentrated liquid or water soluble product to feed through a garden hose or drip system. Hose and drip systems can be used by any homeowner, simply attach it to a standard water tap. Nurseries and growers may also have applications for these systems such as a quick foliar top up.

The system comes complete, ready to use and includes quick snap on fittings and a liquid adapter. Nothing else you need except your hose and fertiliser.

With EZ-FLO simply fill the EZ-FLO tank with your favourite nutrient or fertiliser, top up with water and turn on the hose. Walk the hose, not the dispenser!

Our premium 3.8 litre hose and drip model will take 3.5 Kg of water soluble fertiliser and dispense it at the rate you select. For example if you select SLOW, a ratio of 1000:1, fertiliser will be dispensed at a rate of 1 Kg per 1000 litres of water used.

Gardeners have long loved this unit for its ability to feed their flowers, vegies, shrubs and trees without constantly refilling the tank. It can be moved from tap to tap to feed multiple areas.

If you require a small unit that will attach to your irrigation system or vertical garden select our EZ-FLO1-075 below. Larger systems can be found in the relevant sections.

Our premium Hose and Drip system sitting at the tap with the model walking the hose, no more lugging watering cans or end of hose systems

Walk the hose not the dispenser

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