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Shop our range of Residential Injection Systems. We have a size to suit every Australian backyard.

The EZ-FLO 3.2L

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This is our best seller! There’s a reason this 3.2L tank outsells them all – it’s the perfect size for most home gardens and lawns. If you’re looking for the best way to apply liquid or soluble granular fertiliser – you’ve found it.

Forget using watering cans, backpack sprayers and plain old water, join thousands of other Australians and New Zealanders using EZ-FLO to boost the health and look of their lawns, veggie plots and gardens. Simply fill EZ-FLO with your chosen fertiliser or nutrient and start utilising every drop of water from your garden hose to deliver the nutrients and fertiliser your plants and lawn need.

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Residential Garden Tap Systems

Shop our range of Quick Connect garden tap systems. These injection systems are the perfect size for the average Australian lawn or garden and easily connect to your standard garden tap and hose.

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Residential Mainline Systems

Shop our range of Mainline connected systems. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, we have an injection system that will suit your application. Select your tank size and specify the size of your irrigation mains.

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