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    How do I Compare EZ-FLO to Other Fertigation Systems or Landscape Injectors?

    Before you buy a fertigation system, you should compare systems to make sure you are making an informed decision.

    Points that you should consider:


    Warranty – What is the warranty term? What actions void the warranty? EZ-FLO has a 1-year warranty on the light-duty garden feeders and 5 years on all other products and does not void your warranty if you use other non-hazardous products.

    Maintenance – What kind of maintenance will you need to perform on your unit once it is installed? EZ-FLO requires no maintenance since it has no moving gears and no electrical pumps or parts. Make sure that you fully understand the annual equipment maintenance program for any system, especially in areas of frost

    Product availability – What kinds of fertilisers and supplements can you use with your unit? EZ-FLO can use the broadest range of organic, natural and synthetic fertilisers, nutrients and supplements. We also promote our Alliance Partner’s products which give you additional formulations and products to choose from. You won’t be limited to a small number of proprietary formulations.

    Irrigation System configuration – What types of irrigation zones do you have on your landscape? EZ-FLO automatically adjusts to the pressure and flow on any zone with no manual adjustment. There are no nozzles to swap out if you have mixed zones (drip and spray) and there is no need to program injection times for each zone. There is no need to determine if you have sufficient operating pressure or flow rates as with competitive products. If you already have an in-ground system, EZ-FLO will work with it. Competitive products have flow and pressure limitations. EZ-FLO has virtually none. Compare our spec sheets to theirs to see what limitations they have.

    Time between Refills – As the units proportion accurately you will need to refill our units less than the “end of hose units”. For example when we say we proportion on slow at 1000:1, meaning for every 1000 litres of water going through your hose 1 litre of fertilise/nutrient is dispensed we mean it!

    Ease of Installation – How easy is it to install? For an EZ-FLO hose and tap unit just assemble, fill with fertiliser and point the hose. To install an EZ-FLO mainline unit you simply glue in a coupling connector (many different sizes and types available) and hook up the tank tubing. There are no bypasses to be plumbed in, there are no electrical connections to run, there are no programming steps to set the injection rate for each zone and there are no nozzles to install or change. One reason we have EZ in our name!

    What we cannot do – We cannot dispense any liquids that are similar to water like vinegar or lemonade!