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    How Much Product Should I Put In The Tank?

    Using our popular residential 3.2 litre unit as an example:

    A 3.2 litre EZFLO will take 3.2 litres of liquid fertiliser or for example 1 litre of liquid fertiliser and 2.2 litres of water to top it up. This folllows with any tank size and always ensure the tank is topped up with water before . In the case of water soluble fertiliser a 3.2 litre EZ-FLO will take 3 Kg plus of powder/granules but like the liquid fertiliser input can be varied to suit.

    For the best results, put in the recommended amount of product for the area being covered, based on the product’s coverage recommendations.

    For example if using an 5.7 litre unit, if the coverage recommendation is 1 kg per 1000m2 per month and you are applying the product to 5,000 square meters, add 5 kg to the tank. If you are combining more than one product in the mix, base the amount of product put in the tank on each product’s coverage recommendations.

    If mixing 2 products jar test 1 teaspoon of each mixed together in a glass of water and observe any reaction. DO not add together into the EZ-FLO if a reaction is observed

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