The new EZKIT systems are the next generation of quality injection products offered by EZ-FLO. The EZKIT-1 and EZKIT-3 are nearly identical in construction to the time tested CX versions. However, the KITS now offer upgraded features previously only available in high capacity models. The proprietary fill system nearly doubles the water-soluble powder capacity of a CX model, extending the refill duration or coverage area of a tank.

The EZKIT-3 will service properties as large as 4000 m2 of turf or 8000 m2 of drip when using Water Soluble Powders (WSP). Each model incorporates a separate fill port and drain valve allowing for the system to be refilled with product and never leave the valve box. No tubing to disconnect or heavy tank to lift out providing for a faster, simpler refill.

The CBV connection for 3/4”-1” (20mm-25mm) and Tubing Kit come standard in the box.

EZKIT-1 Capacity: 6.7L
EZKIT-3 Capacity: 9.6L
EZKIT-5 Capacity: 19L

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Introducing the EZ-FLO commercial range.

The EZ-FLO High Capacity Main-Line range covers three horizontal models and four vertical models to give you ultimate placement possibilities – from situated in a large underground valve box to the back of the pump shed. We also have a range of light-commercial models, suitable for smaller applications.

EZ-FLO Commercial Benefits

Not just healthier, better looking plants. EZ-FLO systems also provide a range of financial benefits for businesses.

Fast Return On Investment

Reduced Labour Costs

Reduced Input Costs

Reduced Water Costs

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