Main-Line Units come in 3 sizes and are designed to be attached to your irrigation system. They are engineered to handle water pressure upto 100...


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Model: EZ005FX
Type: Main Line Standard Capacity Systems
Additive capacity: 19 Litres (liquid) /13.6 – 16.3 kg (water soluble)
Suggested applications: Nursery, small parks; vertical gardens; green walls; road medians, large gardens, greenhouses, golf course greens, etc.
Litres of treated water per refill: 7,700 – 282,000 Litres
Parts included in kit: EZ005FX Tank, Mixing cap, 1.25m feeding tube.
Related models: EZ003CX, EZ001CX
Required accessories: A ball valve coupling adapter CBV to suit your mains
Additional notes: The baby of the range
Website price: $1,388.00 GST incl. and delivered to your door
Additional Features: Ability to use either liquid or water soluble products

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